Visual field test

Visual field test

The Humphrey computerized perimeter is the most modern and sensitive equipment to measure the combined function between the retina, the optic nerve and the intracranial visual pathway. Its clinical use is to detect or monitor visual field loss due to diseases in any of these locations secondary to trauma, vascular or inflammatory alterations of the sensory retina.

What does this exam consist of:

This test is also considered an essential study in patients with Glaucoma, since the loss of the peripheral visual field is one of the main manifestations of this pathology that causes irreversible blindness.

The test consists of the application of light stimuli that will allow the optic nerve damage to be quantified, it does not require pupillary dilation, its duration is approximately 20 minutes and its result is delivered once the test is finished without reading since its interpretation is subjective and depends on of the clinical correlation made by the ophthalmologist.

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