Pediatric ophthalmologists

Carefully observe the visual development of the child and detect eye problems that may lead them to have subnormal vision or that in some cases may cause blindness. La detection and treatment of visual diseases is essential in the child's life to allow adequate visual development.

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Warning signs  to be aware of

Eye allergy

  • Frequent blinking.
  • Eye itching.
  • Redness.
  • Tearing.

Refractive defects

  • Poor school performance.
  • Headache and/or tearing after visual effort.
  • Approach to objects to read.
  • Blink your eyes when trying to focus on an object.
  • Eyestrain.

Ocular deviations

  • Deviation evidenced by the parents.
  • Limitation of the movements of the eyes.
  • Double vision.
  • Abnormal position of the head.

Childhood glaucoma

  • Very big eyes.
  • Discomfort with light.
  • Tearing.
  • Eye pain (low intensity).

Other warning signs

  • Frequent red eye.
  • Changes in the color of the pupils (Leukocoria).

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Newborn  exam

It is important that from the first month of life they undergo a complete ophthalmological examination. There are infections that are often not detected during pregnancy such as Toxoplasmosis, Rubella, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes, among others that can cause early damage to the child's eyes. If not treated in time, they can lead to irreparable subnormal vision.

Es conveniente la visita al Oftalmopediatra al menos una vez por año. Debe realizarse consulta ante la aparición de signos de alarma.

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The exam is not painful.

It is observed if the baby fixes and follows the objects and if their media (Cornea, Lens and Vitreous) are transparent.

The pupils are dilated: the state of refraction of the eye is analyzed (to rule out problems with glasses), in addition to studying the state of the Retina.

From 3-4 years of age, visual acuity is measured with drawings (or letters depending on age), then the pupils are dilated and the refractive state is analyzed and the fundus of the eye is examined, the ocular pressure is taken.

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