In our Optical Store  you will find everything you need

The Clinic has a chain of branches strategically located in the city of Cali to facilitate the visit of our clients from their place of work or home.

Find contact lenses, frames, prescribed lenses and sunglasses 

Schedule your appointment with an expert optometrist!

Locate your nearest office

South Cali:
Headquarters Optics.
Carrera 47 South # 8c-94. First floor, ENTRADA 3
Telephone: (602) 5182828 option 2.

East Cali:
El Prado Optics.
Carrera 23 with Calle 26 – Corner.
Telephones: (602) 335 5306 – 335 6075.

Optical Store optics
Llanogrande Plaza Shopping Center Stores 216 and 217
Telephone: (602) 285 5683

Our Specialists

Our medical specialists and subspecialists have the knowledge, handling techniques, human warmth, and experience to provide you with solutions.

Diagnostic aids and laser

We have the technologies and equipment to perform all kinds of tests with reliable and accurate diagnoses of your visual status.

Personalized attention

Quote with us to provide you with personalized service. We will guide you and solve any doubts you might have. Feel safe and confident with our high-quality services.

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