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for doctors, students and patients

We are leaders in the development and promotion of scientific education for ophthalmologists and thanks to this we are the institution that educational entities have chosen for the training of their medical students and ophthalmology residency, as well as for their continuing education programs.


Since we were born, we have been linked to education,to universities, both in the learning process and in the teaching process. We emphasize the improvement of all the professionals who work at the Clinic and for this reason, we have an extensive education and training program..

Learn about our educational activities

We emphasize the improvement of all the professionals who work at the Clinic and for this reason, we have an extensive program of
education and training, of which we highlight:

To keep our professionals updated:


  • Every Friday: Great ophthalmology session.

We offer online access to educational resources of the Clinic


  • Optometry practices.

Committed to improving care processes, with collaborators, doctors, insurers, and above all with their patients, we organize academic activities


  • International Congress of Ophthalmology, which started in July 1991 as a Scientific Symposium on Ophthalmology, then it became one of the most important academic events held in the country.
  • National Optometry Symposium..
  • Regional Quality Forum..
  • Update day in Ophthalmology. for general practitioners.
  • Update in Ophthalmology for Office Technical Assistants.


  • Internship for Retina.


  • Surgical instrumentation.


Educational programs for the public such as:

  • Patient Education Program
  • World Glaucoma Week
  • World Diabetes Week
  • Visual update day for doctors


We are the practice setting of the Universities of Valle, Javeriana, Santiago de Cali, and Icesi.

  • Specialization in Vitreoretinal Surgery – U. Javeriana.
  • Specialization in ophthalmology (clinical residency) – 3 years – Universidad del Valle and Universidad Javeriana Cali.
  • Ocular Plastic Specialization.
  • Retina and vitreous.

Our Specialists

Our medical specialists and subspecialists have the knowledge, handling techniques, human warmth, and experience to provide you with solutions.

Diagnostic aids and laser

We have the technologies and equipment to perform all kinds of tests with reliable and accurate diagnoses of your visual status.

Personalized attention

Quote with us to provide you with personalized service. We will guide you and solve any doubts you might have. Feel safe and confident with our high-quality services.

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