Cornea and Ocular Surface Specialists

We solve the ocular needs related to the lack of vision caused by damage to the cornea, the conjunctiva or the lens. We carry out treatments for keratoconus, pterygium, leukomas or scars, cataracts, tumors and for cases of high myopia or hyperopia.

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Years of
Refractive surgeries
in the last years

The surgical techniques are the following:

  1. Refractive surgery.
  2. Keratoconus Surgery.
  3. Cataract Surgery.
  4. Cornea replacements.
  5. Pterygium surgeries.
  6. High Myopia or Hyperopia Surgeries.

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    The specialty of cornea and ocular surface it focuses on:

      The Cornea:

      Thin, transparent tissue at the front of the eye, it resembles a contact lens in shape, it is the most powerful lens in the ocular system and allows images to enter the visual system. Its most common pathologies are Keratoconus, scars, Edema and Tumors.

      The Conjunctiva:

      It is a transparent mucous membrane that covers the entire eye without passing through the cornea. Its most common pathologies are infections of various etiologies, Tumors, Pterygium and Pinguecula.

      The Crystalline:

      It is an encapsulated lens, suspended by thin ligaments, located behind the iris and in front of the vitreous humor. Its movement allows the eye to focus the image of distant and near objects. The most common pathology is the Opacity of the Lens, known as a cataract.

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