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The Cali Ophthalmology Clinic has an excellent technical and human team that offers all Diagnostic Services related to visual health to users. Our procedures and exams are implemented under strict quality standards that guarantee to the patient the security and precision necessary for the prompt diagnosis of visual diseases.

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It allows for studying blood perfusion defects inside the eye.

Examination to obtain the measurement of the axial axis of the eye.
Modern equipment that measures the combined function between the retina, optic nerve, and intracranial visual pathway.
Ultrasound allows evaluating the intraocular anatomy.
Evaluates the integrity of the visual pathways, from photoreceptors to the cerebral visual cortex.
It detects alterations in the optic nerve, retina, and choroid.

Ambulatory procedures with Argon laser and Yag Laser.

It allows for studying the morphology of the endothelial cells of the cornea.
A process that seeks to quantify changes in corneal thickness.
Capture high-resolution, wide-field images and video quickly.
Evaluates the eye's ability to differentiate subtle degrees of contrast.
A non-invasive diagnostic tool that performs histological sections of the tissues.

This procedure provides information on the three-dimensional structure of the cornea.

More advanced techniques to prepare a map of the corneal surface.

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