Ocular electrophysiology is a group of tests based on the bioelectricity generated by the photoreceptors and other cells of the retina. The goal of these tests is to assess the integrity of the visual pathways, from the photoreceptors to the visual cortex in the brain.

The Cali Ophthalmology Clinic offers the Ocular Electrophysiology service with the Reti Port Scan 21 equipment of German technology and with the latest advances in standardization by the international society of Ocular Electrophysiology, which allows tests such as Multifocal Electroretinogram useful for monitoring and detection. early retinal toxicity in patients receiving treatment with chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine.

We also perform the Electroretinogram Pattern useful to assess the functionality of the superficial layers of the retina where it helps us to assess the extent of retinal toxicity. It consists of measuring the central retinal response to a stimulus of constant light frames that alternate between black and white.

It is performed by placing 2 electrodes on the lower conjunctiva so that they do not interfere with the visual axis. Two electrodes are attached around each eye, one and a neutral electrode on the forehead. The test is performed on both eyes, without dilating the pupil and with adequate refraction. The patient is placed in front of the stimulation screen at a distance of one meter, which will have a central fixation point.

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