Non-invasive diagnostic tool that performs histological cuts of tissues through the transmission of light waves, with a resolution 10 times higher than ultrasound. Evaluates the nerve fiber layer of the eye and optic nerve, allowing the monitoring of Glaucoma and macular and retinal diseases; layers and corneal thickness, in addition to the measurement of ganglion cells.

Indications in Retina:

  • Macular hole
  • Central serous choroidopathy
  • Choroidal neovascular membrane
  • Epimacular membranes
  • Follow-up of operated patients

To perform it, it requires pupil dilation and the approximate duration of the test is 20 minutes.

Indications in glaucoma:

  • Early diagnosis of glaucoma
  • Pits (focal excavations)
  • Atrophy
  • Papilledema

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